Abdel Madjid Kerrar, President

Abdel Madjid Kerrar is a seasoned industrial entrepreneur, with both Algerian and International activities. He is the founder of Biopharm Spa, a today leading pharmaceutical Algerian laboratory. With an early international vision and business scope, Mr Kerrar developed in the late 60s industrial and trade partnership with South East Asia countries including China. In the early 60s, he created SACI (Societe Africaine pour le Commerce International) and developed international trade activities mainly with China and other Asian countries.

In 1964, in a context where the socialist economic choice of the country limited the scope of private business activities, M. Kerrar launched CINCAP (Compagnie Industrielle des Caoutchoucs et Plastiques). CINCAP was a 100 employees industrial manufacture of plastic and rubber goods.

In 1969, the Kerrar Industrial Group continued its development and created SAEG, a 600 employees Industry involved in the manufacturing of enameled iron consumer goods.

In 1991, along with the opening of the Algerian economy, Biopharm was created. In 2012 Biopharm turnover reached USDm 360 and had 1500 employees. In 2013 opened 49% of its share capital to internationally renowned investors in order to pursue the Company development in the best interest of its main Stakeholders (Clients, Employees and shareholders).

Lies Kerrar, Chief Investment Officer

Lies Kerrar built a ten years career in North American financial markets in Corporate Finance and Investment Management. Lies Kerrar worked for several investment banks including National Bank Financial, one of Canada’s biggest investment bank in investment advisory and investment analysis. Lies Kerrar worked for Desjardins Financial Security, one of Canada’s biggest life insurance company in saving product development. He managed a product portfolio of more than 60 investment individual and pension funds.

Since 2004, Lies Kerrar, has been heading investment banking and corporate finance mandates on the Algerian financial market and advising financial institutions, including the Algerian Sovereign Fund, the National Investment Fund. He has been involved in the development of the local corporate bond market and advised major local and international corporations for raising funds locally. He created Humilis, an M&A and Corporate Finance firm that is now the first Independent firm authorized to launch Licensed Stock Brokerage activites.

Lies Kerrar is Chairman of Hawkama El Djazair, the Algerian Institute of Corporate Governance (Algeria), and a contributor of the OEDC-MENA Corporate Governance Task Force. He is Treasurer and Executive Board Director of Forum des Chefs d’Entreprises (FCE).

Lies Kerrar holds an MBA Finance from HEC Montreal and studied Corporate Finance and Derivatives at University of Toronto. He achieved several professional programs including CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), Level I, Canadian Securities Certification as well as IFC-World Bank qualification as a Board of Directors Expert Trainer.