Investment philosophy

Med Investment Holding specific policy for equity investments is based on the Holding objectives in terms of risk/return, the ethical values of the shareholders and a vision of Algerian economy and markets outlook.

Industry Vision

The holding focus on investments in
economic sectors that the Holding management understands and for which
it has developed a vision.
Based on management experience and knowledge, Health related sectors,

Hospitality, Oil & Gas services, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas downstream industries, Construction materials
and Financial services are considered sectors for investment.


The holding has no intent to be involved at the operating management level of its equity investments. Then, confirmed

management expertise and management track record are key criteria for considering investments.

Corporate governance

As a professional investor, the Holding is seeking, for its investments, governance contractual rules that protect shareholder’s rights on a fair basis. Also, based on a conviction that Good Corporate Governance

practices enhances companies’ value, the holding will seek other parties commitment to enter into a continuous improvement process of corporate governance practices.

Involvement in value creation

Along with its funding, in order to enhance the investment value, the Holding brings its international and local business experience,

market knowledge and its corporate governance expertise.

Investment liquidity

Although many liquidity options could be considered based on the investment, the market circumstances and the regulatory rules, the holding is seeking to diversify

liquidity options, including IPOs.
The Holding will bring its financial markets experience for building the best conditions for considering an IPO when relevant.